Is to help women to reconnect with their true essence,

 to unveil their Sacred Feminine potentials,

and to express their inner truth.

It is through mentorship,  workshops and retreats, that I guide women along their process of awakening, to get clarity and to embody their Sacred Feminine Leadership, by bridging ancient Feminine Wisdom and proven Holistic Practices.

As Teacher of  Sacred Dance and Feminine Mysteries in the Oracular lineage, I also channel and create Talismanic Jewels  operating as portal of information for all women desiring to enhance their Sacred Beauty and express their Divine Feminity.



Sacred Jewelry



Sacred Mentoring

The Sacred Feminine

is a state of elevated consciousness.

When women start the journey of self transformation by healing at different levels and rising their consciousness, they can shift step by step from their wounded Feminine to a more elevated, free and abundant Feminine.

Independently of our gender, we have all the Feminine and Masculine energies within us which  are also reflected outside.

The mandatory first step of this process of transcendence is the healing.

(healing of personal and collective trauma, wounds, limitations, fears, restrictions, beliefs systems, suppressed emotions and low feminine energies).

When both elevated polarities merge and unite in us, they activate the Creatrix within, who is the one who is able to envision and manifest a new, free and hearted way of being, aligned with the evolutive forces of the existence.