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is to rise the feminine consciousness by helping women to awake their true essence and embody their sacred feminine beauty & leadership.

By bridging ancient feminine practice with my mystical experiences, and my expertise of more than 2 decades as feminine manager & leader in the corporate world, I initiate women to the Feminine Mysteries & Goddess Wisdom, and guide them in their awakening path.

I also create talismanic jewels operating as portals to activate the inner Goddess and Priestess in each woman.

The Sacred Feminine

is a state of elevated consciousness.

Only when women start the journey of healing their shadows and wounds (the wounded feminine), they can start to shift to a more elevated state of consciousness (the Sacred Feminine) to transcend their circumstances and transform themselves by acquiring new qualities

Independently of our gender, we have all the Feminine and Masculine energies within us which  are also reflected outside.

(suscribe below to receive the map of the sacred feminine & masculine qualities )

When both energies are healed, elevated and integrated, they can unite to create an highest level of harmony and evolution and let the space for the divine forces of the existence to flow through us.