Let emerge your true Essence

Do you want to go to the next stage of evolution and expansion in your life?


Since years, I have investigated ancient sacred feminine wisdom and practices from different women lineages, that I am combining with the direct mystical transmissions I have received since my young age and with my leadership experience, to guide and help women and men in their process of transformation and evolution.

Are you in one of the following situations?

  • You are awakening and have not yet received the compass to navigate to the next stage.

  • You are experiencing important changes in your life and know that it´s the opportunity to start something new and don´t want to fall in the same past mistakes.

  • You cannot find  balance between your soul calling and your personal obligations or needs.

  • You don´t find meaning and you feel that your life is not aligned, you feel depressed at some points and sense that there should be another way and want to feel better.

  • You want to heal and liberate yourself from your fears, protections and limitations and live your true life.

  • You feel that there is pleasure and sensuality in you that has not yet been explored.

  • You are diminishing yourself in your job, in your relationships, in your life in general and know that you are not using your full potential and want to change it.

  • You are exhausted and unfulfilled in your life despite you seem to have all or to be successful.

  • You would like to go deeper  and connect profoundly in your love relationships.

  • You are remembering a past life with an high spiritual power or trauma and feels that is affecting your present life.

  • You are starting to connect with experiences and situations that your rational mind is rejecting or cannot explain, but that are really happening to your body.

  • You are called by the Sacred Feminine or to reconnect with your true feminine essence but don´t know where and how to start and what it means.

  • You have already worked on your self development, healing and spirituality and feel to go to the next level.

  • Your mission is to contribute to create a new world but you are lost and confused in your process.

You are not alone, I have transited all these stages and more, and it is possible to go through the challenges with will and commitment. And by chance, I can show you a beautiful and fascinating feminine path which is a shortcut to the traditional masculine self development, empowerment and spiritual systems.

During more than two decades I have been an highly efficient leader and executive manager in international corporations where I have been the first women to be in such positions.

As the majority of the women today, I was independent and successful because I followed this patriarchal model, but internally I was not fulfilled. I was constantly depleted, with body pains, suffering high level of stress and agressivity to preserve my integrity. I was disconnected from my inner feminine and was living an incoherent, unbalanced and shallow life: doubting my intuition, repressing my emotions, fearing my creativity and highest vision, not knowing my inner resources, blocking my life force energy, sabotaging myself and lacking space and safety to let emerge the highest feminine seeded in me that our society had suppressed during millenials.

After some profound mystical experiences, I start to heal my feminine wounds, to dissolve all the false beliefs and illusions about success, freedom, power and love imposed by our society and finally find the untold path to transform myself, even my managerial skills and my life.

It is not about matriarchy or feminism, it is not even about simply balancing our feminine with our masculine. It is about understanding that the access to joy, pleasure, creation, expansion, truth, knowledge and enlightment for women is different and resides in and is leveraged by the body.

The individual and collective evolution is about to heal first our low Feminine inside out. Through a process of heart opening and acceptance, we can shift to the highest Feminine able to heal, activate and inspire the highest Masculine (also called sacred, mature or conscious feminine and masculine). It is from this highest level of awareness, that both can merge with love and create a new model where qualities, rules and dynamics are different.

(Get the map of the main qualities and polarities dynamic signing up at the end of the page).

Go to the next level

  •  Discover and Expand your True Self,

  •  Heal deep layers of your being and feels better,

  •  Empower yourself from your Sacred Feminine qualities,

  •   Liberate your mind and body,

  • Awake your true & sacred beauty and sensuality,

  • Open yourself to state of flow and subtle energies,

  • Access to your bliss and sacred sexuality,

  •  Discover your hidden potential,

  • Connect with your inner abundance, joy and happiness,

  • Embrace your Feminine Spirituality and nurture your Anima,

  • Reawake your senses, your inner vision and guidance,

  • Explore Tantric body flow orgasm and your multidimentionality,

  • Merge your Feminine and Masculine polarities inside out,

  • Create deeper connections in your relations,

  •  Unlock your life force energy and your creative capabilities,

  • Remember the pathway and alchemy of the High Priestess,

  • Become a new model role leader by being, loving, creating and leading from your heart and highest version of yourself,

  • Unveil who you really are and find meaning in life.

How does it works?

By bridging both worlds and different systems, I am helping Women and Men who are already awake and are desiring to go to the next level of their expansion and live from their true Self.

I also guide people who are called to do a deeper inner work, or to have an impact on the world as sacred feminine or sacred masculine leader, by creating holistic, conscious, soul and heart based organizations, businesses, groups, projects, arts, families, communities…from their unique, purest and highest potential, integrating their mysteries and sacredness in their relation with all what is.

It is starting with a first evaluation call to identify some pivotal moments in your life, the challenges you are facing and what are your needs and expectation in order I confirm I can design a program for you and we will agree the modalities of collaboration.

I will then work with you personally at an holistic level, opening a sacred space for change where I mirror and help you to bring awareness to the areas that are blocking or limitating you and  to help to unlock them at different levels. I will give you a personal program with some sacred practices that will help you to reveal your inner truth, your true potential, resources and direct personal guidance, and I will guide you to progress in your process.


If you want to know more, check my different packages here.


My system is not a PNL coaching program duplicable and replicable for everybody.

It is an individual guidance and unique holistic program,  multidimentional and specially designed for you and specific to your situation, your level of consciousness and your personal self-development or spiritual needs.

If you are in Bali, body holistic sessions as dearmouring, chakras alignments, auric reprogramming and channeling can also been evaluated.



I am also offering deep and unique signature retreats, workshops and trainings.

The sacred practices and system I share during my retreats will blow your mind and can be used in a pragmatic way to uplift your life and empower you.


I use subtle energies work as Heart Opening practices, Heart Tantra, Heart Meditations, Tantric Sacred Dance (Priestess & Oracle dance), Inner Goddess birthing, Goddess Meditations, Direct Goddesses Wisdom channeling, High Priestess practices, sacred union practices, dearmouring, prana healing, auric reprogramming and new codes activations.



Do you want to receive the Feminine and Masculine Map with the polarities dynamics?
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