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Tantra Sacred Dance

Tantra Sacred Dance allows women to unlash their inner radiance, sensuality, inner power and to unveil their Mystery andSacred Feminine

Tantra Sacred Dance is a very powerful tool of self discovery, personal growth and alchemy which allows Women to explore the deepest layers of their being and their purest Essence and Mystery.


It allows us to feel and understand from within what the subtle energies are bringing as information and to master the energy of beauty and love to unfold our inner power, radiance and potential. 


It is a true shortcut to self development and patriarchal spirituality practices and reconnect us with our Womb, Heart and Third Eye powers and wisdom, to rediscover our authentic Spiritual Feminine path and true nature.

Our woman body is a powerful direct channel for the Cosmic and Goddesses’ energies to move through and guide us in our personal and collective development, as we have been blessed by the same power of creation, love and intuition.

At an advanced level, the Tantra Sacred Dance allows to women or men witnessing the dance to receive personal or collective Divine Transmissions and can operate as Oracle when done in higher state of connection as it was done in the ancient times in the temples.


Tantra Sacred Dance is not about performing any choreography or dynamic movement, and there is not any physical or previous traditional sacred or devotional dance level or age required.


All the exercises are soft and meditative and there is very little body engagement as it is about using our senses to tune into the subtle feminine energies which move through us.


It is  very appropriate for women having their active or raised Kundalini, or are already working with subtle energies to go to the next stage.