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Sacred Oracle Dance

There was a time when women were initiated to their Mysteries and honored by their community for their natural capability to connect directly with the Source and transmit the teachings and informations channeled through their bodies.

In the ancient times, the Priestesses shared their dances, arts, healings, ceremonies and rituals and were revered for contributing to the good of all beings and to the harmony of all what is.

The Tantric, also called Oracle Sacred Dance had been preciously preserved until today, in order to make it available for women who want to open portals to reconnect with their true Sacred Feminine power and wisdom.

By entering in a deep meditative state of connection, we allow the subtle energies and subtle bodies to dance through us, from within our body, delivering information which cannot be understood by the mind, and can only be expressed in a symbolic motion way or by vibrational transmission.

It is not about leaning or performing any choreography or controlling any movement. It is not about acting to be a Goddess.There is no previous traditional sacred or devotional dance level or age required, as it is about entering in a total state  of emptiness  to become a pure channel for the Divine Feminine.

It is from your body and interiority that you  meet your inner Goddess and other Feminine Deities.

Oracle Sacred Dance benefits:

. Experience the natural Feminine Spiritual path,

. Activate your true intuitive & creative power by aligning the 

  Womb, Heart and Third Eye,

. Reveal and Magnify your true personal beauty & sensuality,

. Awake your feminine force life,

. Process and let go layers of yourself that are not serving

you anymore,

. Explore, heal, integrate your multidimentionality,

. Unveil your Feminine Mystery,

. Discover a powerful Feminine meditation,

. Connect directly with the Source,

. Meet your Inner Goddess essence,

. Tune in subtle energies to receive teachings & oracle,

. Channel Sacred Surgery,

. Receive divine transmissions and blessings by witnessing the

  dances of other women as used to be done in ancient temples.

. Bring release & support during Kundalini activation or rising,

. Go to the next stage of expansion & empowerment,

. Remember your timeless wisdom.

. Be initiated to a true practice of High Priestess to embody the Goddess.

Sacred Feminine Leadership

The different levels of Tantric/Oracle Sacred Dance are taught through different presential modules consisting in preparing, activating aligning, expanding the chakras, the body and senses, to facilitate the access to the dance the quickest possible. My methodology is designed with energetic work, healing, spiritual and technical guidance to help the Apprentice to get the base of the practice and be autonomous to continue her personal process of exploration, or to choose to go to further levels of mastery in special retreats.



The base of the Tantric Sacred Dance can also be taught and coached at distance in one to one online class to women who have already an experience with subtle energies.



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