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6 weeks to go from conscious to superconscious Femininity & Leadership

  • 36 hours
  • Zoom, skype or Ubud

Service Description

This is a dedicated and committed multidimensional formula which will help you to transform from inside out, and to support you in the realization and empowerment of your Sacred Feminity: WHAT IS INCLUDED? - We will identify and crack the programs and patterns that are not serving you anymore. You will consciously free different layers of your being and will instaure new mental pathways and habits to put the foundations of a new way of being, loving, creating and living. - I will teach you to deprogram and reprogram yourself with different techniques according the hierarchies of beliefs.(there is no tapping or superficial pnl stuff.. we will track the root). - I will teach you how to work on your body, sexual energy, emotions, mental and auric field with exclusive energetic practices (release of blocked energy, self dearmouring, retrieval of fragmented soul, psycho spiritual work to heal deeper layers,...). - You will learn to tune into your internal truth to free yourself and remember that you are the source and to find the inner resources. - You will identify your Sacred Compass & Map Road to navigate towards the true purpose of your soul and get clarity about the directions and actions to activate and follow. - You will create a Sacred Manifesto serving you as seed to manifest the authentic and empowered version of You. - You will receive a progressive and multidimensional program with daily practices to support the different layers of your being and activate a body/mind/energy/spiritual change from inside out. This program promotes healing, rejuvenation, rises your vital force energy and your perceptions, understanding and self expression using Sacred Feminine tools, and practices. You will find personal variations according your situation and needs. - 1 group zoom session of 2 hours once a week during 6 weeks to guide you in an authentic process of healing, liberation, transformation and empowerment, where you will receive sacred feminine wisdom and education. - Between each session you will have a personal work to do to progress in your process in order to really activate your transformation. This online formula will be offered only twice per year (1 spanish+1 english) and will be under selection. If you want to be added to the list to receive the information about next convocation for 2023, please send me a message.

Contact Details

Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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