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Bring back the pieces of your soul & energy lost or stolen.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 150 euros
  • Zoom or videocall

Service Description

These are 3 very powerful protocols that I often use with my customers and that I have decided to offer in single sessions as it can help so many people. Our energy and soul is often fragmented at different levels because we lost them during accidents, surgeries, traumatic experiences and heartbreaks. For these general cases, I use a special protocol that will help you to feel instantly the energy being reintegrated in your body field and you will feel better and with more clarity the day after. Another frequent way of losing pieces of our soul is with our relationships. Our closest family and our lovers or partners are also taking unconsciously or consciously our energy and we do it to them too. It is a serious issue when the partner or parent is abusive or perverse because they steal an important part of our energy. That is why it is so difficult to let them, and we don´t understand why we stay in the relation. In fact, it is beyond the simple explanation of co-dependence, we cannot abandon the pieces of our soul and energy that have been stolen from us and it takes a lot of force to leave without this part of us. For these cases, there is another profound protocol that can help to take back the pieces of our soul and to cut the cords of suffering. The third common source of lost of our soul energy is due to our ancestors heritage. We don't only carry the burdens of our parents, most of the time we are carrying the weight of our grandparents. Their lacks, sufferings, aborted dreams, betrayal, failure or abandonment stories and frustrations are unconsciously transferred to us to solve them or to fulfill them. To identify this heritage and to work on releasing it can allow us to liberate blocked energies and to access to our authentic truth. For this case there is also another type of protocol that we can do at distance. The first session consists in doing the 1st general protocol + to work with 2 other persons of your choice. It is a session of 1,5 hour. To book, please click on the request below choosing 3 alternatives dates and times. Or send me a message. After that, you will receive a mail of confirmation the soonest possible with the details for the payment. Love & Light

Contact Details

Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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