If you desire to invite me and to host a workshop, retreat or lecture, it can be designed on demand according the final goal desired which can be, but not limited to:


Feminine sexual and lineage healing, full body orgasm, self development and inner empowerment, Tantra Sacred Dance, Sacred Feminine Mystery, Goddess Essence and Wisdom, Feminine Spirituality, Initiation to Tantra for couples.

Below, you can find examples of retreats covering different topics and specially oriented to activate a deep process, and which can eventually be breakdown in several shorter workshops:

Goddess 1
Goddess 2
Tantric Dearmouring and full body Orgasm for women
Initiation of Tantra for Couples

The lessons can be held in English, Spanish and French.


Some information and basic practices can also be shared through upcoming online courses for theoretical and self work purpose.

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