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The Heart is our more important energetic center from where the most powerful energy is irradiating.

The unconditional love energy residing in the depth of our Heart is able to dissolve any darkness, to transmute any low energy and manifest our highest desires.

The Heart practices are focusing on opening and expanding the heart energy field which can protect us from external influences and positively affect the other information fields surranding us.

These techniques can enrich and transform all inside out and help us to create new perspectives and pathways in our lives, promoting love, balance, freedom, self-confidence, joy, and harmony.

Sacred Feminine
Sacred Feminine Leader


​Heart Tantra is a very ancient philosophy and way of life coming from Native people, which had been transcripted 5,000 years ago in India and had given birth to different branches and schools.

Heart Tantra is a Feminine path based on love & devotion, vs Yoga which is a Masculine path based on will power & meditation.

It is a process where we work with emotions to peel off all the false beliefs, patterns, wounds, sabotage programs, limitations, blockages in order to find acceptance and to transmute through the Heart all what is no longer serving us.


We embrace all what we are, including our sexual dimension which is considered Sacred and by being connected to our Heart can help us to access higher states of Consciousness and Bliss.

By freeing our mind and body, we experience that all the resources are within us regardless the external situations or circumstances, and that we can create love, balance and joy in simplicity as soon as we let our authentic Being  expand.


These ancient practices assist us in opening and exploring the Heart Center to enrich and transform us from inside out at different levels.

By activating and expanding the love energy residing in different places in our chest, we subtly and profoundly transit our vulnerability and transform the quality of our emotions, perceptions and thoughts.

These Heart practices bring us an authentic awareness to foster healing, well-being self-love within us and help us to align and deepen the connection with ourselves and others.

Sacred Feminine


It is an advance group meditative practice of giving and receiving love with the intention to create a collective synergetic field through channeled 5d sacred geometry, and to project it in the quantum field for the good of all beings.

It is an ancient technology from Ancient Egypt and Atlantis allowing to awake, activate, open and strengh our heart to rise the individual and collective vibration for the evolution of our planet and our upgrading.

It generates as well a deep internal movement of energy, which can help to release blocked energies and emotions in the body.

Minimum 6 persons are required to do the practice.


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