My name is Anna Lucas, I am a Mystica, Tantric Sacred Dance and Heart Tantra Teacher and Traveler. I guide women and men who are awakening and want to go to their next level of expansion and unveil their Mysteries.

My mission is to bring back, simplify, and update Ancient Sacred Feminine wisdom for modern women and men who are looking for a personal and collective evolution and want to shift their lives and consciousness.

Since my childhood, I have experienced several direct non ordinary experiences which lead me to seek and travel to remote places of the world, and reconnect with the most ancient parts of my memory.

It is in the Amazon, South East Asia and India, that I learned ancient healing modalities and spiritual practices which allowed me to heal some deep traumas, expand my consciousness and remember my soul purpose of serving love.


After having worked over years as an Executive Manager in a corporation, I decided to leave it all behind after the awakening of my Divine Feminine,

I started to travel to consolidate my practices in Tantra and follow the path of my mission, by sharing the transmissions I received from my Shamanic Masters, my Tantric teachers, my Priestess lineage and my direct embodied transmissions and channelings from the Goddesses and Ascended Feminine Masters.


Few years ago before, I started to study energetic healing techniques as the Pranic Healing system from Master Choa Koh Sui with her direct disciple Deborah Quibell, and also studied Tantric techniques as Dearmouring and Full body orgasm with Andrew Barnes.


During my travels, I deepened my knowledge of transmutation of the energies, and get certified in Heart Tantra in Sama Karuna School in Tailand (recognized by the International Tantra Federation).Following the path of the Feminine Spiritual teachings, and my love for Sacred Dance, I have been certified in Tantra Sacred Dance and reconnected with the purest and more sacred ancient Tantra practices for women with Deva Vibha who had been a direct disciple of Osho and Ma Ananda Sarita for 26 years.

It is with this beautifull technique used by the Ancient High Priestess that I received direct teachings from the Goddesses and Feminine Ascended Masters and through which I love to transfer most of my own timeless and alchemical teachings to women.

Furthermore, I have been certified by Satya Loka school in Traditional Yoga Tantra for women, where I have been initiated to Traditional Bhairav Tantra Sadhana with Ra Lalita Dasi and Guruji Maharaj in India.


The tools I propose allow at different levels to engage with healing and self development in a non dogmatical way, in order to activate in a practical way the next level of Inner Feminine & Masculine Expansion, focusing on Heart Energy wisdom and Alchemy techniques.

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