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Anna Lucas Sacred Feminine Coach

My name is Anna Lucas, I am a modern Mystica and teacher of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

I guide Women in their process of conscious and holistic transformation to awake and embody their Sacred Feminine Leadership.  I also  create sacred feminine & talismanic jewels to connect them with their sacred beauty & divine feminine codes.

The people who I mentor are already awake or advanced in their self development journey, and are looking for an expansion, want to unveil their mysteries, shift their lives,  lead,  love and create from the New Consciousness and become the future Sacred Feminine Leaders of tomorrow.


During more than two decades I have been an highly efficient leader and executive manager in international corporations, being as well the first women in such positions.

I was independent, powerful and successful, but internally I was not fulfilled. I was constantly depleted, with body pains, suffering emotionally, under stress and always in action and aggression to preserve my integrity. 

After some profound mystical experiences, I understood that the disconnection with  my true feminine essence and the suppression of the high feminine qualities as intuition, creativity, vision and fluidity in the emotions was at the origin of my incoherent and unbalanced life.  I found how to heal my feminine wounds, past traumas and to dissolve the false beliefs and illusions installed in me by  my circumstances and the society.

To discover this unknown feminine path changed my whole existence.

It is not anymore about matriarchy, feminism, imitating or pushing away men.  It is not even about simply balancing our feminine with our masculine side.

It is about understanding that the access to joy, pleasure, creation, expansion, truth, knowledge and enlightment for women is different than for men, and has different rules and  leverages.





Since my childhood, I had several direct non ordinary experiences which lead me to seek rational answers, and to travel to remote places of the world.

It is in the Amazon, South East Asia and India, that I reconnected with ancient memories, learned ancient healing modalities and spiritual practices which allowed me to heal some deep traumas, expand my consciousness and remember who I really are.


I have also studied energetic healing techniques as the Pranic Healing system from Master Choa Koh Sui with her direct disciple Deborah Quibell, and also learned Tantric techniques as Dearmouring and Full body orgasm with Andrew Barnes.,

After having some transformational mystical experiences and integrating the full rising of my kundalini and the descent of my Divine Feminine, I decided to leave my executive corporate position and conventional life behind, to be in coherence with my highest Truth.


I deepened my knowledge in subtle energies, and get certified in Heart Tantra in Sama Karuna School in Thailand (recognized by the International Tantra Federation).

Following the path of the Feminine Spiritual teachings, and my love for Sacred Dance, I get certified in Tantra Sacred Dance and reconnected with the purest and more sacred ancient Tantra practices for women with Deva Vibha who had been a direct disciple of Osho for 26 years and have been supporting Ma Ananda Sarita in her teachings.

It is with this beautiful technique used by the Ancient High Priestesses in the Oracle lineage, that I discovered I could channel and receive direct teachings from the Goddesses and Feminine Ascended Masters and transmit these Divine Feminine energies.

Furthermore, I am certified by Satya Loka school in Traditional Yoga Tantra for women, where I have been initiated to Traditional Bhairav Tantra Sadhana with Ra Lalita Dasi and Guruji Maharaj in India. I am following as well the Karpay path in Huáscar lineage with Vilma Pinedo in Peru. 


The modalities I propose are constantly evolving as my own channel, and allow at different levels to engage with healing and self development in a non dogmatical way. They activate the expansion of the Heart Consciousness and support the Inner Alchemy and Soul Evolution.

(I speak English, Spanish, French and Italian).

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